Invent a new brand of wine that embodies your origins. Create the brand identity, logo, and packaging.



Portmanteau Wine—a collection of blended wines, combining the best varieties to create wonderfully rich and interesting new flavors. 



Because this brand identity was based on my own personality and experiences, the first step was identifying any overarching themes of my character, life, or upbringing. The most consistent theme is my (sometimes overwhelming) number of personal interests and hobbies. I love cooking, real estate, motorsports, sailing, physics, design, cycling, the outdoors, photography, engineering, astronomy... the list goes on, and I’ve often struggled when choosing a single pursuit. I am a walking blend of many things. This was my brand direction.

A "portmanteau" is the combination of two individual words to form a new independent word and meaning. Think smoke+fog (smog) or motor+hotel (motel). This literary term provides the perfect name for a brand of wine that specializes in combining existing varieties to create a new mélange.

The overall design direction was heavily influenced by the chosen name and therefore employs only text on white backgrounds. The sans-serif logotype is meant to contrast with the countless script-covered bottles that are already on shelves, while the classic serif text is reminiscent of a typical page from a novel. The lack of imagery combined with abundant open space further distances Portmanteau from its competitors. Finally, the small section missing from the top edge of the label references the final piece of the blend settling into place.

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