I'm Patrick and I love bicycles.

… In fact I have four of them, the most beloved of which I rode across the United States last summer from Seattle to Washington D.C.

The main take-away from the experience is that nothing, and I repeat, nothing, will be harder to endure than the 650 mile stretch through the Plains and Ozark Mountains of Kansas and Missouri. It broke me. I cried. I even quit… For a time, anyway.

I was by myself on this journey and quickly realized, in my puddle of self-pity, that throwing my bike in a ditch and walking away wasn’t really a great way to deal with the reality of being miles and miles from anything or anybody. To paraphrase Sir Winston, I was going through Hell and I had to keep going.

I didn’t realize I could endure as much as I did that week—grueling 100-mile days, horseflies as fat as your finger, humidity so thick that clothing never dried completely—though, what choice did I have? Since then, I’ve mused about the impossible challenges that lay ahead both personally and professionally and always end up smiling to myself, knowing that whatever comes my way, it will most certainly be more enjoyable than that week of two-wheeled misery.

I should also mention that I am a left-handed creative who likes product creation, branding, interface design, type, film, felt-tip markers, and making stuff that's cool and makes sense to use.

Resumé/curriculum vitae