Assignment: Envision and create an animated intro sequence for a film based on a book of your choice and it needs to look like like Saul Bass did it.

What if there was a tea that helped you fight colds? What if it was so good at it, that it could Karate chop the sickness right out of you? Introducing Hi-Ya! Tea.

Once upon a time, I considered starting a media company that catered to all things bicycle. The idea has since been moved to the back burner, but at least I have a fancy intro for any video content I may or may not produce.

As a result of this project, I learned some hardcore 3D and focus effects in After Effects. By the end, I desired to not being working on the project anymore.

"Connect an audience of your choosing to a product or service from a global brand in a way that wasn’t possible three years ago."

Character rigging and storytelling, South Park style.

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